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Williamsburg, Va.

Virginia’s Historic Triangle:   Colonial Williamsburg                  Jamestown / Yorktown

Experience the beginning and the end of Colonialization in America. 

The Queen of England visiting Williamsburg
The Queen

Tour Jamestown Settlement, established in 1607 as the first successful English colony in the New World.  Here 104 brave adventurers arrived via three ships. You may enjoy the  full-size replicas of the  Godspeed, the Discovery, and the Susan Constant. Older than Williamsburg, it was sponsored by King James I, but owned by the Virginia Company.  Then on to Yorktown, where in 1781 the surrender of General Cornwallis to General Washington brought an end to British rule in America.

soldiersPerhaps nowhere else in America does the exciting story of our past come to life more vividly that at Colonial Williamsburg, the restored capital of colonial Virginia. Choosing revolution and  becoming Americans, here, history comes alive.  It is a living  18th centurySoldier with Flag community where merchants sell their wares, crafts people ply their trades and brave patriots whisper plans for revolution.  One might just expect Thomas Jefferson, Patrick Henry, George Washington and host of prominent Virginians to greet you around the next corner, so be ready.

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George Washington